quarta-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2013

Just Wondering...

1.Getting older and watching people doing so, makes me think of so many stupid things we do because we don't ever think time goes by...

2.People knows nothing about me. I'm just like a very fresh Onion. Have many "coats" to unwrap. It's not easy to come close to my heart. I have a broken heart. No one can mend it.

3.Persons fascinate me but also destroy me slowly and frequently.

4.I like painting, drawing and writing but I don't like cooking. It's very hard for me cooking because I'm not good enough in the kitchen and I hate when I cook with all my love and someone says that what I've cooked tastes like junk. I'm tired of that.

5.What you see it's not myself, it's someone fake, someone I create in order to save myself. To save my soul.

Watercolour by Mia (all rights reserved)

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