sexta-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2013

It's Hard to Believe

Today I feel as I am this dry leaf. Dry and just by my own.

Spent almost all day long taking mom to doctors appointments, buying medicines and trying to stay in a good mood. Not easy at all. First we've spent more than an hour for the doc to arrive. Then, mom was tired of waiting and asking me to take her home. Winthin an hour late doctor arrived and we had a nice talk about mom and her health problems. A young but very good doctor. I felt confidence on him. Later on I bought the new medicines and she started taking them tonight. But will have to check her blood every week to see if white blood cells are all right.

It's hard to believe mom is slipping away. It's a weird sensation to figure it out mom is going slowly but going away...I feel so bad...and she tells me all the time she loves me so much and that I'm the best thing in her life.
Wished I could be a stronger woman and accept all the things that belongs to our human beings as getting old and dieing. But I still have to learn a lot about these subjects.

I'm really really tired out. Can't stand all the things I have to do.Tonight I don't even have energy to talk to write or to do anything well done. Better get some sleep.