quarta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2013

First Post

I'm here just to talk, just to write about things one can not change, about things one has no power to modify.
I'll write about life, about love, about human relashionship, about friendship, about family, about anything that touches my heart in a very special way. 

When you have someone that listens to you, you probably don't need to write about those things'cause someone hears you. But even when you have this, sometimes there are moments you want to stay by yourself and just think. And  if you don't find a friend shoulder, it's time to find a paper or a blog. Even to talk to your own, which it's great too.That's the way I feel right now.

Drawing by Mia Montana (all rights reserved)

Here, I'm Mia Montana. And I promise whoever reads this blog you will find many Mias in just one. "Cause one day I might be very happy and the other day I might be kind of lonesome, just as in the song "Waltz for the Lonely", which I love.

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  1. Hi Miriam- thank you for your nice comments at my Ohio Nature Blog. I see you live in Wales! I recently found the name of the little place where my ancestors lived in Wales before they came to the US. I'd lve to visit sometime.