quarta-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2013

Just Wondering...

1.Getting older and watching people doing so, makes me think of so many stupid things we do because we don't ever think time goes by...

2.People knows nothing about me. I'm just like a very fresh Onion. Have many "coats" to unwrap. It's not easy to come close to my heart. I have a broken heart. No one can mend it.

3.Persons fascinate me but also destroy me slowly and frequently.

4.I like painting, drawing and writing but I don't like cooking. It's very hard for me cooking because I'm not good enough in the kitchen and I hate when I cook with all my love and someone says that what I've cooked tastes like junk. I'm tired of that.

5.What you see it's not myself, it's someone fake, someone I create in order to save myself. To save my soul.

Watercolour by Mia (all rights reserved)

terça-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2013

Where am I right now?

Where are my eyes, my skin, my lips, my body??? I really don't know. I feel as if I am in a cloud. I feel weird. As if I'm not who I am. Sometimes I think I'm a witch who is far from home. Sometimes I think I'm dust in the wind. Just like says that song Sarah Brightman used to sing. I feel unconfortable inside myself when I think I can laugh, I can sing, I can dance and my mother is dieing very slowly. She recognizes everybody. But she doesn't know what day is today, how old she is, if she had lunch or not. She thinks the Cops are comming to arrest her and take her to prision. She is scared all the time. Every car that passes by she thinks it came to get her and dad to prision.She calls me many times a day to tell me the same stories, I feel so sorry and can not do much to change things.Only tell her how much I love her and that everything is all right. But it's so hard for me to see a strong woman as mom, the way she is now. Skinny, frighten, lost. God help me to stand that suffering.

quinta-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2013

Sharing some feelings

Well, I'm here again, trying to share some of my feelings and at the same time trying to hide them from the ones I know. Because the ones  around me are already very tired of hearing the same talks and the same complains.
They can not help me anymore...

Why it's so hard to educate our children nowadays?
Why it's so hard to make them believe us that what we say it's for their safe?
Why it's so hard to make fathers listen to what mothers say about their own children?
Why when we are in love to someone we never think ahead???
Why we are not wise enough to think about the consequences of a relashionship not based in love?

Drawing by Mia Montana (all rights reserved)

Why it's so hard to accept things we are not able to change???

quarta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2013

First Post

I'm here just to talk, just to write about things one can not change, about things one has no power to modify.
I'll write about life, about love, about human relashionship, about friendship, about family, about anything that touches my heart in a very special way. 

When you have someone that listens to you, you probably don't need to write about those things'cause someone hears you. But even when you have this, sometimes there are moments you want to stay by yourself and just think. And  if you don't find a friend shoulder, it's time to find a paper or a blog. Even to talk to your own, which it's great too.That's the way I feel right now.

Drawing by Mia Montana (all rights reserved)

Here, I'm Mia Montana. And I promise whoever reads this blog you will find many Mias in just one. "Cause one day I might be very happy and the other day I might be kind of lonesome, just as in the song "Waltz for the Lonely", which I love.