quinta-feira, 21 de março de 2013

As Time Goes By

So many days I don't write. So many things in my mind. A mixed up mind. Don't know what to do first. Cook the meals, wash the clothes, pay the bills, do my art work, pray or simply lay in bed. I feel dizzy as I've been feeling the last 2 weeks. Found out my blood pressure became a bit high and doc says it's probably for a great amount of stress.I don't know. I've been going through check ups. At home, nobody cares much if I'm all right or not, because they keep asking me to do the same things they use to ask me for. Nobody believe me I don't feel good lately. It's if I'm supposed to be The Superwoman forever and ever. But I'm not. I never wanted to be The Superwoman. I am an avarage woman who is awfully tired of housekeeping, who is awfully tired of dogs inside the house and the mass they do around. I'm tired of not having vacations for so many years. I think it's been more than 20 years I don't know what is travelling in vacations. So I think I have many reasons for being tired out. I also can not stand anymore any complains. Please, can someone hear me I'm TIRED. Awfully tired. Need some rest. Need to get away from everything that worries me, scares me, consumes me. HELP!!!!!!!

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